Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sustainability, The Matai islands

Hey woodmonstas what do you think about the "Matai Islands" I personally don't think its true. I wouldn't go and live on the island cause I have heaps of sporting commitmentse and I wouldn't be able to live away from civilization.

Comment here and let me know what u think.


  1. I agree it would be tricky and inconvenient. Well done for setting up your sustainability blog!
    Next we design our islands the way we would like them to be. :-)

  2. Hi Mouse Wheel, I have heard about these Matai Islands as well, Im not sure what I believe yet! It would be sad to leave family, friends and civilisation behind, but could be exciting to set up a new home and plan how to live sustainably! :)

  3. hello mouse wheel I like your photo

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